What is Tobacco Harm Reduction or THR?

Efforts to reduce smoking have been in effect for decades. In that time, smoking rates have fallen dramatically. Yet these approaches have not eliminated smoking. In fact, there are still almost 30 million smokers in the US, or 1 in 8 adults. More can be done. Tobacco harm reduction or THR can help. THR is a science driven approach that can make a big difference to improve public health. THR is about educating adult smokers who are uninterested in quitting about alternatives to combustible cigarette use. Innovative alternatives on the market today include e-cigarettes, nicotine pouches, snus and tobacco heating products. Many scientists believe that these alternatives pose less risk than cigarettes. Adult smokers deserve to receive accurate information about all of their options. Informed public policy is good public policy. Interested adult smokers are encouraged to learn more about tobacco harm reduction.

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